i remember that it hurt looking at him hurt
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Crowd in Times Square silhouetted against a giant screen.












33,363 notes, well done society

57,307 funny….. You guys are all beautiful

68,507 is too big :(

74,403 think completely wrong about their selves 

92, 082 no guys stop :(

125.387 People reblogged this, but i can’t even find one ugly person

296, 615 beautiful faces, bodies, minds and souls that have been tragically currupted by society’s definition of ‘beauty’.

3hundredfucking4THOUSAND! :’c…

462 thousand…….

561 thousand. Fuck


Lost in Translation (2003)

yeah until nash grier makes a video apologising for everything he’s done and stops whining about how the world hates him and actually starts trying to fix a problem he caused I won’t treat him with any kind of respect whatsoever I’ll probably spit in his face if I ever see him

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Everyone has a right to their opinion.

yeah except its fucking human decency to not tell a specific gender about how they should dress / be like for another gender to like them. there are many reasons for this: 

1. you’re not a fucking woman so back the fuck down off your high pedastool where someone has placed your ass 

2. oh wait that’s it.

telling girls that we should be “entertaining you” is just bullshit. I didn’t go through 9 months of a miracle to be downgraded to entertain your stupid little ass. 

+ if you didn’t know you have a bunch of girls as your predominant viewer, a lot of girls who are around the age of 12 - 15, which is the age that frequently causes self damaging due to society or people around them. you, for some fucked up reason, being that girls role model and telling her how “guys” (yes not only JUST you but ALL guys in general) like a girl gives her this expectation to be this kind of woman, to have this kind of hair, this kind of dress style.

so yeah nash grier everyone has the right to their opinion but you should be fucking making an apology video instead of whining about how the whole world is practically against your stupid ass and start thinking about how you’re going to solve this fucking issue you little prick.

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